SLAAH was incorporated as a non profit organization to foster social and cultural interaction among the Sri Lankan American community in Houston Texas and disseminate our rich culture and values to the main stream American community.

Our Mission

“To provide a common identity to the Sri Lankan American community and facilitate cultural, social and educational services and opportunities for cultural integration of the community; as well as to foster those activates that enhance mutual understanding, appreciation and industry between the Sri Lankan American community and the mainstream American community”.


Membership is open to anyone who is 17 years of age and over and subscribes to the objectives of the Association. The following Membership categories are available:

  • General Membership
  • Single
  • Family
  • Senior Citizen / Student
  • Life Membership
  • Honorary Membership

If you need further information, please contact us.

    Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Join SLAAH

  1. Gain friendships with those who share your own culture & language and participate in fun social activities. 
  2. Meet other expats who can become your support system, provide valuable personal & professional information. If you are new in town, learn about your new environment quickly and effectively.
  3. Give our younger generation who are born outside Sri Lanka a glimpse into our rich culture and help them foster lifelong friendships.
  4. Taking on a role within the group, such as being a board member, mentor or a youth activity coordinator.
  5. Last but not least, scientific evidence supports that belonging to an expat group such us ours can postively enhance life and self esteem.