Welcome to YSLAAH 2012-16

YSLAAH is a youth group made up of members ages 10 to 18, and our mission is to promote youth activities, cultural awareness and collaboration via volunteer and other youth events within the Houston community in order to be a positive influence.

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YSLAAH 2015-16 Events:

Team Building Scavenger Hunt on Sri Lankan New Year Celebration

This event was organized by the YSLAAH at the Sri Lankan New Year Celebrations on  April 27th, 2015, at Tom Bass Park. In this team building event, teams of four had to work together to fill a water bottle using a sponge, throw ping pong balls into cups, pop balloons, and more. After the children formed their own teams of four, they competed against each other to see who could finish the event first. In the end, Migara Jayasekera, Oneli Ekanayake, Thevan De Silva, and Kavith Mallawarachchy, finished in first place by completing all the challenges before the other teams. The event was a huge success and all the kids seemed to enjoy it.