The YSLAAH board consists of:

Dilan Perera (President),
Kasun Raigama (Vice President),
Dylan Abeysekera (Secretary),
Ravindu Munasinghe (Treasurer)
Malithy Wimalasooriya (Public Relations Officer).

Dilan Perera- President of YSLAAH

Hi, my name is Dilan Perera. As president of the new YSLAAH committee, I will try to plan fun activities for the community that will not only engage the people of our community but will also help those in need. I want to be an orthodontist when I finish high school and hope to go to University of Texas and later UT Dental School. Right now, I am in 11th grade at Clear Brook High School and love to play cricket and tennis.  I will strive to make this year meaningful and productive but still fun.

Kasun Raigama- Vice Presidents of YSLAAH

As the new Vice president of YSLAAH, I will make it our highest priority to reach out and help not only the people of Houston but those in need across the world along with the help of my team members and our community. I am in the 11th grade at Clear Lake High School and enjoy playing almost any sport  and will strive to become a chemical engineer after finishing high school. I will do my best to make this year for YSLAAH prosper like no other and hope to create an everlasting impact in any part of the world.

Dylan Abeysekera-Secretary of YSLAAH

Hi, I am Dylan Abeysekera. I am the secretary of YSLAAH this year. As secretary, I will try to work with the rest of YSLAAH to organize fun and useful activities for the community. I am in 12th grade at Clear Brook High School and like to play both tennis and cricket and hope to become a doctor after I finish high school. Before I do that, however, I will try to help people in need in as many other ways as possible.

Ravindu Munasinghe- Treasurer

Hi, I am Ravindu Munasinghe. I am the YSLAAH Treasurer this year. As Treasurer I will oversee and present budgets, accounts, and financial statements to the team at every meeting. I am in 10th grade  at Clear Brook High school and I enjoy almost every sport I play whether it's indoors or outdoors  I always give 110% effort.  I plan on being a  Chemical engineer and plan to  design a system, component, or process to meet desired needs within realistic constraints such as economic, environmental, social, political, ethical, health and safety, manufacturability, and sustainability in the future.

Malithy Wimalasooriya- Public Relations

Hi! I’m Malithy Wimalasooriya, the Public Relations Officer. I am in charge of updating the YSLAAH Facebook, Instagram, and  webpage. I am going into 9th grade this fall at Manvel High School. I want to be in the medical field in the future. I love reading, playing the piano, and playing volleyball. I hope to always keep the community informed as well as I can.