These projects were organized by the YSLAAH under the leadership of Shanika Silva (President), Chamali Raigama (Vice President), Anushka Leukebandara (Secretary), Shenali Edwards (Treasure), and Govindi Munesingha ( PR officer).

YSLAAH Board (2012) : Anushka Leukebandara, Govindi Munesihgha, Chamalie Raigama, Shanika Silva, Shenali Edwards

Project 1 – Assistance to a Child with Leukemia

This first project of YSLAAH helped raise 1300 dollars to provide assistance to 4 Year old Jaylen James and his family from Galveston. Jaylen was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in 2011 and was treated at the University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston. The YSLAAH members did a traditional Sri Lankan sweetmeat cook off and a bake sale at the Sri Lanka New Year Celebration to raise funds to help Jaylen and his family with expenses for his treatment. This fundraiser was extremely successful and raised $1300 dollars. Jaylen has now completed is Chemotherapy and is in remission. The YSLAAH wishes to thank all volunteers for their help with making sweets and help with the  fundraiser.

Left - Jaylen James – 4 year old with Leukemia  
Right - SLAAH Sri Lanka New Year celebration – April, 2012

YSLAAH board at the fundraiser

YSLAAH members at the fundraiser

Plate of Traditional Sri Lankan sweets that was sold at the fundraiser made by YSLAAH members.
Project 2: Fundraiser for Wounded Warrior Project

Logo of Wounded Warriors Project

This YSLAAH project aimed at raising funds and sending letters to support our troops through  the Wounded Warriors project. YSLAAH members worked alongside the SLAAH and ran the food stall at the SLAAH community talent show. They collected almost 900 dollars which was donated to assist the Wounded Warriors and their families.

Letters written by YSLAAH members to the Wounded Warriors

Electronic recepit from Wounded Warriors Project

YSLAAH board at the talent show organizing the fundraiser

Project 3 – Fundraiser to Provide Medications to the National Cancer Hospital, Sri Lanka

This YSLAAH project aimed to raise funds to assist Project ReviveToSurvive ( which has a mission to provide funds to purchase essential medications for the National Cancer Hospital, Sri Lanka. This government funded hospital provides cancer care to most of the cancer patients of Sri Lanka. The government efforts need to be complimented and one of the medications needed to treat children with cancer called Neupogen is often in short supply. Most of the indigent patients who are treated at this hospital are not able to buy this medication. The Community Garage Sale and the Bike Raffle organized by the YSLAAH raised 3370 dollars which was donated to the project directors of ReviveToSurvive and its partner non-profit organization, Cancer Care Association of Sri Lanka ( These funds were used to provide Neupogen to the National Cancer Hospita,l Sri Lanka.  YSLAAH would like to extend their appreciation to Nilanka and Reeves Edwards for providing their house for the Garage Sale, all members and volunteers.

YSLAAH members and community volunteers at the Garage Sale 

Nilanka and Reeves Edwards helped by having the Garage Sale at their house.

YSLAAH members at the Garage Sale.

Hard at work at the Garage Sale

Bike Raffle to raise further funds

Ruvinda Gunewardena , Radhini Abeysekera ( Project Directors of ReviveToSurvive) with Shanali Edwards, Shanika Silva and Govindi Munesigha handing over the check for $3370.

Project 4:  Volunteering at the EPO’s Shop Small Extravaganza

The YSLAAH and Sri Lankan Community volunteered at EPO’s Shop Small Extravaganaza, a day dedicated to promoting small businesses.

Volunteering at the EPO Extravaganza

Project 5: Pool Party – A Team Building Activity 

YSLAAH organized a  pool party for the members as a team building activity and to say “Thank you” for all their hard work!

Having fun at the Pool Party